Guys, I wonder when and why you started RPC-ing ^^ This is my story if you want to know: When I created my first character I didn't even know a lots of people do the same! I made comics during classes in 6th grade, I guess it was in 2006. I didn't use the computer that time. My first character way called Uchiha Kyoko. I've never made a single pic of her with Paint Tool SAI or Paint.NET, I have her only on paper. (I don't know if I'll use her again, I kinda want to but I have to change her story.) In my "comic" thing Kaname was only a nurse in one single panel XDD. Then I started to like Kaname more, when I made the first pictures of her (in 2009... I think it was January) She didn't have a family name coz in her first story she was an orphan and Sasuke taught her how to fight. I still didn't have a PB acc. In my country I wasn't allowed to have one ._. But I started to realize lots of people do the same as me. The very first RPC I saw in here was Itsumi Kyori (by KyoDannen) I've never talked to her, I just liked her RPC so much coz it looked so naruto-ish. Then I saw Sawaii, gosh, at first I REALLY tought she was a real Naruto character ._. Sawa's just so good at Naruto style. I wanted to do my characters just like her! Theeen~ I found out everyone has her own style. You don't have to do a PERFECT Naruto-ish character (everybody found it out and I'm still talking about this btw... ^^" ) Like Tori! Gosh.. I love her RPCs so much *^* Sometimes I TRY to draw my characters into piccies but I'm just not good at anatomy and face expressions! (I must say it, Take is the BEST with face expressions, if you haven't seen her drawings yet go and check them *-*) SO YES, This is what I wanted to say! -- Kaname: Doma, you're so boring, did you know it? ~O~ -- Doma: SHUT UP BITCH OR I'LL KILL YOU WITH FIRE! *shot* SO! WHAT I WANTED WITH IT! I really wonder why you started RPC-ing *-* SO LET ME KNOW *^*